• Matrix Power

    Matrix power is a repeated multiplication of a square Matrix A by itself k times. k is a positive integer. i.e. Ak = A.A.A...., k times. Use the following tool to raise a matrix A to power k.

    Use the following tool to raise a square matrix to a power ( multiply it by itself k times).

Matrix Power Tool

The following program allows the user to multiply a square matrix [n*n], k times by itself.

How to use the program:

Enter the dimension n of a square matrix, click on Create Grid button. This will create a square grid n*n, for the square matrix elements to be entered. Enter the power to which the matrix to be raised. Once all elements are entered, click on Raise Matrix to Power button. The raised matrix to power k will appear under the entered matrix.

The matrices' cell width default value is set to 50px. If the value is not wide enough, the user can change it to suit the data width and re-create the grids

 Matrix Cell Width

Matrix Dimension

  Size n =     Power k =