• Polynomial Equations

    In mathematics, a polynomial is an expression consisting of variables and coefficients, which only employs the operations of addition, subtraction, multiplication, and non-negative integer exponents. A polynomial Equation is an equation with higher order than 1, with positive exponents.

    The tables to the right, list the degree, name and the standard form of up to the 10th degree of the polynomial equations. To read more about any of the polynomials in the tables, click on the name of the polynomial.

    Polynomial Equations Standard Form

    Degree Name Equation Standard Form
    2 Quadratic a.X2+b.X+c
    3 Cubic a.X3+b.X2+c.X+d
    4 Quartic a.X4+b.X3+c.X2+d.X+e
    5 Quintic a.X5+b.X4+c.X3+d.X2+e.X+f
    6 Sextic a.X6+b.X5+c.X4+d.X3+e.X2+f.X+g
    Degree Name Equation Standard Form
    7 Septic a.X7+b.X6+c.X5+d.X4+e.X3+f.X2+g.X+h
    8 Octic a.X8+b.X7+c.X6+d.X5+e.X4+f.X3+g.X2+h.X+i
    9 Nonic a.X9+b.X8+c.X7+d.X6+e.X5+f.X4+g.X3+h.X2+i.X+j
    10 Decic a.X10+b.X9+c.X8+d.X7+e.X6+f.X5+g.X4+h.X3+i.X2+j.X+k
    n polynomial a1.Xn + a2.Xn-1 + a3.Xn-2 +....+ an-2.X2 + an-1.X + an=0

Polynomial Equation Tool

This tool allows the user to solve and plot polynomial equations of up to the power of 10.
Firstly enter the degree of the polynomial, i.e. a number between 1 and 10 to create input boxes for the coefficients of the variable.
Once the input boxes are created, the user can enter the coefficients in the order they appear in the equation. A coefficient can be >0, =0 or <0.

Graph Settings

Create the canvas by setting up the canvas data below. When all data is entered, click on Create Canvas button to create the canvas.

 X-axis Min: Y-axis Min:
 X-axis Max: Y-axis Max:

Polynomial Coefficients

 Enter the highest power :  




Polynomial Graph