• Arithmetic Tables

    Arithmetic or Arithmetics is the oldest and most elementary branch of mathematics. It consists of the study of numbers, especially the properties of the traditional operations between them - addition, subtraction, multiplication and division.wikipedia
    The following program creates tables of the arithmetic operations - addition, subtraction, multiplication and division - for a range of numbers, including negative numbers. The table is interactive, meaning when the mouse is moved inside it, it displays the cell value and the type of operation above the table as well as the column and row positions in the table.
    Divisibility Patterns: Discovers patterns within the table when the table values are divided by a number chosen by the user. The pattern is highlighted by the chosen colour.

    Use the following tool to create and investigate interactive arithmetic tables.

Arithmetic tables tool

In this program, the user chooses the type of arithmetic operation and enters a range of numbers, including negative numbers for a horizontal range and a vertical range for the table.

Canvas Settings

The canvas is created automatically to suit the size of the table ranges chosen. If the numbers chosen for the table ranges are too large, or the produced results' sizes of the opertation are too large, then the default width of the table cell can be changed to suit the size of the individual numbers and the program re-run.

  Cell Width :

Table Creation

 Type of operation

 Horizontal range
 Vertical range  

Table Investigator

In this section the user can display factors or prime factors as the mouse moves within the table or highlight in the table perfect squares or divisibility patterns.

  Pattern Colour :

  Display/Highlight None
  Display Factors
  Display Prime Factors
  Highlight Perfect Squares
  Highlight Divisibility By: