• Pascal Triangle

    In mathematics, Pascal's triangle is a triangular array of the binomial coefficients. Although Pascal's Triangle is named after seventeenth century mathematician, Blaise Pascal, several other mathematicians knew about and applied their knowledge of the triangle hundreds of years before the birth of Pascal in 1623.Wikipedia

    Use the following tool to create and investigate an interactive pasacal triangle.

Pascal Triangle Tool

The following program allows the user to construct Pascal's triangle to the required depth. The rows in the triangle are conventionally enumerated starting with row n = 0 at the top.

How to use the program:

Once the Pascal Triangle Settings are set below, the user can:

- Move the mouse and track its position in terms of Pascal cell. The position and cell value will be displayed above and below the triangle
- Click on any cell to display the row data under Selected Row Data below
- Choose a pattern to be investigated and click on Create Triangle button.

Pascal Triangle Settings

Enter the number of rows required to create the Pascal triangle. Change the properties of the triangle as required from the settings below.

  Number of Triangle Rows :  
  Cell Width :  
  Cell Height :  
  Cell Color :  
  Pattern Color :  



Pascal Pattern Investigator

Each of the following options shows a pattern in the Pascal triangle. Select an option to see how patterns appear then click on Create Triangle button.

  No patterns
  Natural numbers
  Triangular sequence
  Tetrahedral sequence
  Sum of rows
  Symmetry (Mirror Image)
  Divisible by :

Selected Row Data





Pascal Triangle