• Binomial Theorem

    Binomial theorem is used to expand a binomial equation to some large power. A binomial equation is a polynomial equation with two variables only as shown in this general form (±a.X ±b.Y)n, where X and Y are the two variables. The binomial theorem is a quick method of expanding using the binomial formula to the right and/or the Pascal Triangle to the far right.
    Another way to expand a binomial is to multiply the binomial in the form (±a.X ±b.Y)n by itself n time.
    For more in depth knowledge about this topic, visit the wikipedia page about Binomial Theorem.

    Use the following program to expand binomial equations to any positive power n.

    Binomial Theorem & Pasacal Triangle

    Binomial Formula
    Pascal triangle

Binomial Equation Tool

The following program allows the user to expand a binomial equation using the binomial theorem of expansion.

How to use the program

Enter the different parts of the binomial in the following text boxes as indicated. The binomial equation should be in the general form: (±a.X ±b.Y)n where a and b are the coefficients of the variables X and Y respectively. If any of the constants a and b or variables X and Y did not exist, they must be left blank, NOT entered as zeros. n is the positive power to which the binomial is raised.

Binomial Equation Settings

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  First Term Coefficient a:  
  First Term letter:  
  Second Term Sign:  
  Second Term Coefficient b:  
  Second Term letter:  
  Raise to Power n:  



Binomial Expansion