• Irregular Polygons

    An irregular polygon is a polygon with n number of straight edges/sides connected to form a closed loop. The polygon can be concave or convex with or without hollow sections as shown in the Types of Irregular Polygons to the right.
    In an irregular polygon, none of the sides should cross any other sides.
    The following program allows the user to set up a canvas environment in such a way that it suites the size of the intended polygon. Each time a polygon is completely plotted, its area and centroid are worked out and shown in the results section below. As more hollow polygons are added to the main polygon, the area and centroid values are updated.

    Types of Irregular Polygons

    Irregular Convex Polygon
    Irregulat concave polygon
    Irregular hollow polygon
    Irregular complex polygon
    Irregular polygon with curved edge
    Not a polygon

Irregular Polygon Tool

Program Rules

In this program there are 5 rules to observe to get the right results. These rules are:

1- Plot one solid polygon, which is the main polygon. It should be the first one to draw. It could be the only one with no hollows.
2- Plot as many hollow polygons as needed inside the main first polygon.
3- None of the internal hollow polygons should overlap.
4- No two sides of any polygon should cross each other.
5- All polygons' coordinates should be entered in a clockwise manner.

If the centroid of the final completed polygon is required, click on Plot Centroidbutton.

Canvas Setting

Create a canvas by setting up the canvas data below or use the default values. When all data is entered, click on Create Canvas button to create a canvas.

Canvas Width :
Canvas Height :
Scale By :
Grid Size :

Grid Type Point Plot Type

User Instructions

Once the canvas is created, the user can plot a polygon coordinates using the mouse.
To create a polygon, have a list of X and Y coordinates ready.
Plot the polygon coordinates in a clockwise manner using the mouse left hand button.
Once the last vertex is plotted right click anywhere on the canvas to draw the polygon.
Repeat the same process for any hollow sections inside the first main polygon, observing the rules above. Only one main polygon is allowed per canvas.





polygons' Coordinates

The Canvas